Hi all! Summer is over, and what a great time I had!  In the end of June and beginning of July I did my first JAPAN tour, and it was simply amazing! Such a good time, and I’ll definately be back at some point. Huge thanks to everyone involved in that adventure. Then I spent some weeks in Berlin, some shows and quality time just hanging around, followed by shows in Copenhagen and Oslo. A few weeks ago I spent some days in London, doing a couple of nice shows. Now I’m back at work, but there’s a few upcoming shows here and there… Also I’ll try to update the shop, so keep checking in…

AUG 31st –  NAUTOFON event @ TUNGENES FYR, RANDABERG. Solo show. Doors: 8pm, Entry 120 NOK (students etc 60 NOK). Also playing Ghedalia Tazartes (FR)  (I’m very much looking fwd to see him!) + lots of other great stuff…  https://www.facebook.com/events/140064589537277/

SEPT 5th – STAVANGER – CAFE HUMBUG  Bjerga/Iversen/Bøe trio set. Support for Tore H. Bøe solo concert. Doors 8pm, Entry: donation.

SEPT 13th – BERLIN – KUSSKUSS KUCHE Nogatstr 30, 12051 Berlin Neukølln              (U-Bahn Hermannstr) Solo show. Also playing: Iku Sakan, Anders Lauge Meldgaard. Details TBA

OCT 5th – LEIDEN – QBUS CLUB Uiterstegracht 142, 2312 TH Leiden. Solo show. Doors 8.30pm. Entry 10 euro. Also playing: Fabio Orsi (IT)  http://ymlp.com/z6FW1m

OCT 6th – DEN HAAG – VILLA K,  Violenweg 2, 2597 KL The Hague Solo show. Also playing: Fabio Orsi (IT) http://www.stichtingcentrum.org/about

OCT 7th to 11th – NIJMEGEN -EXTRAPOOL. Tweede Walstraat 5, 6511 NL Nijmegen. Myself and Fabio Orsi will take part in the BRONBRON residency program. This will also include a public workshop program. Details TBA. Also on Friday 11th, there will be a show where both Fabio and myself will play solo sets and also a duo set.  http://www.extrapool.nl/

NOV 8th to 10th – COLOUR OUT OF SPACE @ BRIGHTON – Venue and details TBA. I will play a solo show on Nov 9th.  http://www.colouroutofspace.org/

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