Upcoming gigs

Hey! – Played some nice gigs in Germany and the Netherlands some weeks back, both solo shows and as my duo Star Turbine. Good times all around. Thanks much and high fives to everyone involved! No doubt some of the recordings from these gigs will be found on some upcoming releases, as always …

So – some activities line up for the next weeks….

OCT 29th: CONSUL80, STAVANGER. 8PM, Free entry. I’ll be playing as a duo with Leonardo Duerto.  https://www.facebook.com/events/731226860305487/

NOV 8th: BRYNE KUNSFORENING, BRYNE. 12AM. Playing a solo set as part of a new exhibition opening. Free entry. More info http://www.bryne.kunstforening.net/

NOV 15th: KVEIL #3 @ STUUDIO, BERGEN. Øvre korskirkealmenning 2B. Free entry. BYOB. Playing solo. More info https://www.facebook.com/events/1552869014926956/

DEC 2nd: NY MUSIKK @ KUNSTHALL STAVANGER. 7PM. Entry 150 / 80.  The Stockhausen piece “Mikrophonie” will be performed by me + Jan-M. Iversen, Petter Frost Fadnes, Dag Egil Njaa, Nora Myrset Asheim & Liv Runesdatter. In addition the duo Vilde & Inga will be playing.

DEC 13th: SPRØ MUSIKK @ MUNKEHAUGEN KULTURSENTER, ARENDAL.  I’ll be performing as part of ROGALAND HOT CLUB. More info coming!

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