Releases for sale:


“Mutual Illusions” CASS – Horror Fiction tapes, US. “Decontextualized samples stretched and scraped across the screaming howling mouth of an uncertain destination. Enlightenment gained in the margins.” Covers printed on old horror book pages. Edition of 45 6 euro

“Future Jazz Loops” CASS – Fabrica Records, US. 3 live performances from last year, including a chunk from my set at Colour out of Space. Great cover art, pro-dubbed tapes. Edition of 50. 6 euro

Split tape with Derek Rogers – CASS – Obsolete Units, US. A side each from me and glitch/drone meister Derek R. My side is a live recording from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine in 2011. Nice fancy-looking cover. Edition of 100. 6 euro

SINDRE BJERGA / FABIO ORSI “Faded Brown and Grey” CD – Korm Plastics, Netherlands. Collaboration recorded at Extrapool, Nijmegen, Netherlands, October 2013, as a part of an artist residency. Elaborate cover with photos by Fabio Orsi. Edition of 300. 10 euro

SINDRE BJERGA / TOM WHITE “Water Information” CASS – Total Vermin, UK. Live recordings by myself, mixed and manipulated by Tom. Edition of 50. 6 euro

SINDRE BJERGA / TERJE PAULSEN / ROADSIDE PICNIC “Jawed / Flawed” CASS – Carbon Records, US. 3-way collaboration. Edition of 80. 6 euro

SINDRE BJERGA / MICROMELANCOLIE “After Dark Days Black Will Come” CASS – Monotype, Poland. 8 top-notch international artists remixing our “Prayer Calls” album. Pro-dubbed tapes, edition of 70. 7 euro

STAR TURBINE “K Theory” CASS – Black Horizons, US. Edited/reworked tracks recorded live in Norway, Estonia and Latvia in March 2013. Very nice looking silver-tinkered/glossed covers, pro-dubbed tapes. Edition of 100. 7 euro

STAR TURBINE “Emissions” CASS – Dokuro, Italy. Studio reccordings from 2013. Nice looking see-thru red cassette shells, pro-printed covers. Edition of 50. 6 euro

STAR TURBINE “Fuse Editions #002” – CASS, Bomb Shop, UK. 2 accomplished live sets from the UK tour in February 2014, this tape includes the sets from Bradford and Edinburgh. Pro-dubbed tapes with print on cassette shells. Edition of 50. 6 euro

JABBER GARLAND “Primitive Future” CASS – Sincope, Italy The latest album from my duo with Andreas Brandal, 5 tracks recorded late 2013. Edition of 50. 6 euro

JABBER GARLAND “Catalogue of Disasters” CDR – Inner Empire, Italy The first recordings from our duo, recorded in 2012, 3 tracks. Edition of 40. 5 euro

I have more new releases as well, some in very limited quantities, get in touch and I’ll send a list…


Radical Cycles” C60 CASS – Lal lal lal, Finland. 4 tracks /live cuts from Norway, Finland and Latvia. Gritty textures and live collage action.. Individual photocopy / drawing art, each one different, made by Roope Eronen, who is a top notch zine maker.. Edition of 50. 6 euro.

Dig your own hole” CDR – Chocolate Monk, UK. One long and one short track, recordings from Oslo and London, August 2013. Made to tie in with the Colour out of space festival, where I performed. 5 euro – SOLD OUT!

Cave Syncopation” C30 CASS – Beartown records, UK. Recording from Madame Claude, Berlin, 2013. Rumbling cavernous sounds.. Nice cover made by David Mellor. Edition of only 29. 6 euro.

SINDRE BJERGA & MICROMELANCOLIE “Anaglyph # 2”  C30 cass – Beartown records, UK. Yet another Beartown release, this one my ongoing collaboration with Micromelancolie. Some kind of harsh ambient, perhaps.. Edition of 31. 6 euro.

SINDRE BJERGA & MICROMELANCOLIE “Anaglyph # 1”  C30 CASS – A Giant Fern, Portugal. Highly charged electric emptyness and blanked out ambient sounds.. Comes in a totally amazing wooden box cover, easily one of the very best cover I have seen lately. Really. Numbered edition of 50 with extra inserts/ cards. 8 euro.

MICROMELANCOLIE + SINDRE BJERGA “Prayer Calls” C62 CASS – Ghetto Naturalist, US.  Now on cassette, still also have some copies of the CD edition on Aurora Borealis available..“Amazing work from two great underground musical explorers, using modified field recordings, dictaphone tape manipulation, non-input mixing board feedback and computer processing to create an incredible 3 track album for Aurora Borealis. Released as a CD in Arigato pak limited to 200 ad a download.” 6 euro.

“Beyond the thirteenth chord” 3″CDR + FLOPPY DISC – Quagga Curious Sounds, UK. Live action from Berlin, summer 2012. Floppy disc includes a mash-up remix by ZEBRA MU. Great packaging. Edition of 30. Sold out from the label and only a couple left here. 7 euro.

“Foreign Tongues” C45 single-sided – Matching Head, UK 3 cuts from UK shows autumn 2011. Some low cave rumblings, some stacked collage based stuff. Comes in zip-lock bag with Lee Stokoe artwork. 6 euro.


NEDERLAGET “To Feil Er Bedre Enn En Rett” C20 CASS – Phase Rec, Greece – 2012. “New superstar death-duo by northern sound assassins Sindre Bjerga and Lasse Marhaug, contains 20 mins of freezing cold electronic (non) music, which hardly restains from exploding in your face in the most brutal way you could imagine. It is, indeed, a fine balancing act of accurate controlled power cut-ups from hands who don’t need to prove anything..” Edition of 100 w/ on-body printing housed in vivdly printed photo j-cards. 6 euro

“Horizontal Feedback Systems” C26 CASS – Ginjoha, Japan. “Mysterious soundscape drifting on parallell lines forever.” 2 live tracks, edited a bit. Edition of 75. 6 euro

“Radiant Flux” C44 – Lighten Up Sounds, US. 2 live shows from Norway, August 2012. Amazing hand sewn transparent plastic cover, you need to cut it open. Sold out from the label, so these are the last copies. 7 euro

“Songs of Failure” CDR – WGGFDTB, UK. 2 shows from Berlin, March 2011. 5 euro

“False Positive” CDR – Blackest Rainbow, UK. Live show from Finland, August 2012. Comes in a digipak cover with color sticker and insert. Edition of 40. 7 euro.

“Develpoing Strategies for Eternal Bliss” C40 CASS – Ominous Recordings, Sweden. 2 shows from Denmark and Germany, April 2012. Edition of 35. 6 euro.

“Misdirection” 3″CDR – Sheepscar Light Industrial, UK. Edited recordings from the UK tour October 2012. Editon of 50. 4 euro.

MICROMELANCOLIE + SINDRE BJERGA “Prayer Calls” CD – Aurora Borealis, UK. “Amazing work from two great underground musical explorers, using modified field recordings, dictaphone tape manipulation, non-input mixing board feedback and computer processing to create an incredible 3 track album for Aurora Borealis. Released as a CD in Arigato pak limited to 200 ad a download.” 10 euro.

MICROMELANCOLIE + SINDRE BJERGA “Monemtum” CDR – Twice Removed Records – Australia. Another release from our collaboration. Presented in a full-color 4-panel digipak, edition of 100. 7 euro.

solo releases:

“Voice Studies” – CASS – My Dance the Skull, UK – 2012. Proud to be part of this amazing Voice Studies series from this great label. Other volumes include Thurston Moore, Jaap Blonk and Dylan Nyoukis. This series explores various approaches to voice based audio swag. Editon of 100. 6 euro.

“Smooth Operator” – CDR – Unverified Recordings, Scotland – 2012. 2 live shows from April 2012 (from the Star Turbine tour) . One show from Denmark and one from Germany. 50 copies. 5 euro.

“Possibly False” – Microcassette c60 – Dictafawn, US – 2012. Yes, a dictaphone cassette.. 2 shows from Germany.. Nicely presented with a mini-J-card cover and custom stickers on the microcassette. Can’t imagine there’s more than say 20 copies of it… 5 euro

Sindre Bjerga / Anla Courtis split – CDR – Gold Soundz, Norway – 2012. Tour CDR made for my recent trip to Argentina. One long live piece each. Small edition. 5 euro.- SOLD OUT!

“Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail” – CASS – Ikuisuus, Finland – 2012. Collaboration with Robert Horton. Prepared dictaphone recordings, music concrete adventures and the lots.. Edition of 60. 6 euro

“Portals of Exit” – 3″CDR – Striate Cortex, UK – 2012. A live recording from OCCII, Amsterdam, feb. 2012. Very very nice luxury package, handmade. Edition of 30. 6 euro.

Sindre Bjerga / Micromelancolie split – CASS – Dumpster Diving Lab, Russia – 2012. A recent live recording from Denmark. Concrete noises, reverb, chopped up voices..  Edition of 50 and sold out from the label. 6 euro. SOLD OUT !!

“List of Unrefined Sweeteners” – CDR – Chump Tapes, UK – 2012.  Collaboration with Posset. Crazy 20 minute dictaphone duels. Like being zonked out in the amusement park. Edition of 30 copies. 5 euro.

“Portals of Eternal Sustain” – CASS – Hooker Vision, US – 2011. 1 show from the UK and 1 from Russia. Icy, glacial psychedelic drones. Edition of 100. Full color cover pro-duplicated cassettes with print-on-shell. 6 euro.

“Dude, we got Manhattan, now let’s get Berlin” – CDR – Glowing Fingers, Germany – 2011. Live recordings from Berlin, summer 2010. Color-copied double sided A4. Edition of 29 copies. 6 euro

“Nowhere and nowhere else” – CDR – Sonic Oyster Records, UK – 2011. Edition of 50. Live recording from Warsaw, Poland, february 2010. 6 euro

“Dictaphonia split” – CDR – HalTapes, US – 2010. Spilt with Hal McGee. Edition of 50. Microcassette collage recordings from about 2000-2010. 6 euro

“Hermetically Sealed Static Operation” – CDR – Operator Produczion, Russia – 2010. Numbered edition of 109. Live recording from St. Petersburg, summer 2010. 6 euro

“Northern Enlightenment” – CDR – Piped in from head Office / Pjorn72, UK – 2010. Numbered edition of 60. Live recording from Edinburgh, october 2009, think it was the best gig on my UK tour this year. 6 euro

“Have you heard the truth?– CDR – Striate Cortex, UK – 2010. Numbered edition of 55. Live recordings from Krakow and Berlin, february 2009. Comes in a recycled digipak and in a nice looking velvet pouch. 7 euro.

“Suspended fields of anti-gravity” – CDR – TIBProd, Norway – 2010. Collaboration with Thaw. 5 euro.

“Broken Wisdom on its Wild Lone” – CDR – Striate Cortex, UK – 2010. Numbered edition of 100 copies. Collaboration with Robert Horton. Stickered black digipak, with booklet. 7 euro.

“Electrical Centrifuge” – CDR – Striate Cortex, UK – 2009. Edition of 40 numbered copies (standard edition) and 10 numbered copies with gold discs (art edition). Live recordings from Sheffield and Hull, october 2009. euro  (standard edition).

“Pretending to be Confused” – CASS – Atthletic Duddes, France – 2009. Edition of 30. 1-sided tapes with the original music on side 2. Great idea! Live recording from Edinburgh, 2008. 6 euro, just one left

“New Sounds for Burglar Alarms” – 3”CDR – Dokuro Records, Italy – 2009. Edition of 70. Color covers, nice mini-DVD cases, looks superb. 6 euro.

“Can’t go fast enough to get there early” –CD – Blackest Rainbow, UK – 2009. Collaboration with Robert Horton. Edition of 264. 10 tracks / over 70 minutes. Recorded over the period 2006-2009. White stickered digipak. 10 euro.

“Temple of Transparent Wisdom” – CDR – Carbon Records, US – 2009. Collaboration with Textured Bird Transmission. Recorded over the period 2007-2009. Edition of 100. 7 euro.

“Angel Heart, Sparkling With Fire” – CDR – Apollolaan Recordings, UK – 2008. Numbered edition of 50. last copy! 5 euro

“Crystal cranium, diamond head” – CASS – Blackest Rainbow, UK – 2008. Numbered edition of 50. All in individual covers. Live recording from Oslo, june 2008. 6 euro.

“Black Cobweb Mind” – CDR – Klang und Krach, Czech Republic – 2008. Edition of 60. Great looking handmade cardboard cover. 7 euro.

“Stray Bullet” – CASS – Soundholes, UK – 2008. One side collaboration w/ Elektrodiesel. Numbered edition of 65. Live recordings from Hull and Glasgow from the 2007 UK tour. 6 euro

“Auto immune drone syndrome” – CDR – Phase Recordings, Greece – 2008. Live collaboration w/ Ben Morris, London 2007. Edition of 60. 6 euro, last copy!

“As darkness fell on, Angels cut a hole in the sky” – CDR – Dirty Demos, UK – 2007. Split series #2. Also features Cam Deas. Numbered edition of 50. 6 euro, last copy!

“Broken Wisdom” – CDR – Fuckin amateurs!, UK – 2007.  UK Tour CD 2007. Numbered edition of 100. 5 euro, only a couple left!

“Slow collapse / Building nature” – CDR – Carbon Records, US – 2007.  Edition of 100. Collaboration with Joe+N. Edition of 100. 7 euro.

“Half moon, half wasted” – CDR – Stop/Eject, US – 2006. Reissue of  a cassette. Edition of 50. 5 euro. Just a couple left!

“Recycled” – CASS – RRR, US – 2005. 5 euro, Just a couple left!


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